The Two Crowns, with Godfrey of Bouillon Quote

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In 1900, Sir Frank Dicksee painted the artwork shown, labeled “The Two Crowns”, in which a prince adorned in gold and adored by women looks up at a crucifix to see how everything that he has only serves to separate him from likeness to Christ the King.

In 1099, after the Siege of Jerusalem, Crusader Godfrey of Bouillon refused to be titled King of Jerusalem, preferring instead Defender of Christ’s Sepulchre. He stated, “God forbid that I should be crowned with a crown of gold, where my Savior bore a crown of thorns.”

  • 100% cotton fabric (400gsm)
  • Horizontal, vertical and square options available
  • Closed cardboard backing
  • Built with a patented solid support face
  • High image quality and detail
  • For indoor use only
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